Order Process

Everything is automated these days. We aim to change that when it comes to providing you with the look, feel, and message that YOU want, for a price that is literally unbeatable. View Listing of Prices Here.

Our process is simple and gives you the design freedom you need to create your order just the way you envision it.


Step 1:

Select a product and/or design, enter in all of your custom order information, and submit your initial order to us.

(click here to see example "Save the Date" order page)

 Step 2:

After we receive your order, we'll notify you within 24 hours, and ask you for confirmation and any other information we may need in order to fulfill your order to your 100% satisfaction.

We will not charge you or begin work work until we get your "go ahead".

 Step 3:

We will send you digital proofs of your order no more than 3 days after order is received. Then you will either approve or make comments/suggestions based on the digital proofs sent.

We will not print/ship your final order until you are 100% impressed!

Step 4:

We will then email you an invoice link to our PayPal page. You will then be asked to make payment for your order amount. Upon payment, your order will quickly go ito production, and ship out to you 5 business days later!

You do not need to be a member of PayPal and you may use your credit/debit card.

*Be sure to check your bulk email folder when expecting email from us, just in case.*